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All Girls Should Know How to Braid Tonya Holloway

All Girls Should Know How to Braid

Tonya Holloway

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Stacy Bell is your typical teenager of the eighties. Michael Jackson is her favorite singer and she spends private time away from her brothers to learn break-dancing like the dancers in Flashdance. She longs to be the prettiest, most fashionable and the most popular student at Forest Hill Middle School by going steady with the cutest eighth grade boy.With the help of her best friend, Tomika Sanders (who is well known), they conspire to make Stacys dream a reality. Their number one weapon of choice is none other than a Golden Girl perm. The plan is to get Stacys mom to perm her hair the night before an arranged meeting with her true love. The perm will not only transform her from a duck to a swan, but it will also transform her uneventful seventh grade year into the best school year of her life But to Stacys surprise, a road block has been placed on the path to glamour.An unplanned setback spirals Stacys confidence to an all time low, causing the most embarrassing day of her life. She is further troubled by the sudden uncertainty of her friendship with Tomika. But circumstance teaches Stacy to embrace possibilities of self-pride, self-confidence and most of all, self-love.