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The House of the Vestals (Roma Sub Rosa, #6) Steven Saylor

The House of the Vestals (Roma Sub Rosa, #6)

Steven Saylor

Kindle Edition
337 pages
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 About the Book 

rating: 4/5Even though his full length novel mysteries are better than these short stories, I think its just the way of mystery writing. Mysteries are better the more involved and complex they are. Saying that, these short stories were still filled with amazing characters, back stories, the sights and sounds of ancient Rome, interesting ancient Rome and Egypt trivia, cats, and Eco solving his very own first case at the age of 10! I cant help but be captivated by the world Saylor weaves, a world that is as real and vivid as reality when I sit there with my eyes glued to the page.Death Wears a Mask: The classic murder at the theatre. Ecos first solved case... not only did he solve it before Gordianus did but he did it at 10 and was so adorable at it too. Ah, how I love Eco! And the case wasnt bad either. :PThe Tale of the Treasure House: Short story told by Bethesda about a mystery in ancient Egypt. Interesting. Makes me wonder if it is based on a real myth... must research.A Will is a Way: Oh, nice! Another one that presents the Roman legal system in its true light. I learned so much, and saw what Roman brand of justice feels like. Plus I met Lucius Claudius, whom I like a lot (and know from peeking at future reviews that Ill get to see again).The Lemures: So, lemurs seem to be a cross between a ghost and a zombie. Huh? It was an okay case but, well, I had it figured out early.Little Caesar and the Pirates: I figured the mystery out early, but still got into the horror. Plus, awesome characters. Love Belbo! And was it my imagination or was Gordianus seduced by Cleons soulful green eyes? Had much fun reading this one!The Disappearance of the Saturnalia Silver: Another one of those that brings on a historical punch in the most fun of ways. Saturnalia, beats Christmas celebrations anytime. Not only do you get gifts but also get drunk, gamble, and masters serve their slaves. The Romans truly knew how to party. And Bethesda solved a case and received a silver bracelet gift from an admirer. Loved it!!King Bee and Honey: Numas balls! - I always appreciate creative cursing in historical fiction (although so far none surpass Uhtreds filthy mouth). The case was okay but Eco being all cute and behaving like a hormonal pre-teen made up for it. Ah, little Eco is growing up.The Alexandrian Cat: Vengeance on the kitty killer!! There are those in the world who love cats, and those who love dogs, and never shall the two close ranks. I think its pretty obvious where I fall on the cat/dog lover scale...House of the Vestals: Gordianus among virgins and *female* frogs. Great little mystery. And, aww Eco, Sapho is his favorite!!Cant wait to submerge myself into Saylors Rome again!