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SFTU!!: Scriptures for the unique (LEAP Clarence Mngezi

SFTU!!: Scriptures for the unique (LEAP

Clarence Mngezi

Kindle Edition
70 pages
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 About the Book 

SFTU: Scriptures for The UniqueThere arent many authors hailing from South Africa who have made a comfortable living from doing what they love. The expectation that where you are from determines how far you can succeed is very rife in my country. Many entertainers (of varying occupational fields) are barely making ends meet and slaving away to prove a point that following your dream is still worth fighting for.This is (and has been) enough to have a lot of my people elect to have their career paths chosen for them. We are sad victims of ill chosen jobs and forgotten dreams all in the hope not to stand out.On the bright side, all of the statements above are the best reasons to originate from South Africa right now. We are a generation with vigorous suppressed talent that needs not be ignored anymore. We are a transforming nation breeding success stories at an alarming rate. These successes are so overwhelming because they are from an unexpected point of origin.A wonderful example of that is the story of an author who hails from the most poverty stricken and corruption ridden province in the whole country. Eastern Cape is the perfect place to draw inspiration for the pursuit of ones dreams. The rural humbling is, in essence, the carrot and the stick that one needs as a writer.They never see you comingYou become the stone that meets Goliaths forehead and that is a wonderful place to draw your success from.The scripture aspect comes from there being an urgent need to acknowledge and believe these principles and their ability to yield greatness within all of us. We are unique and should focus o expanding that uniqueness otherwise we all may be unable to find what makes us special.We grow up being told about great men and women whose stories begin to get exciting when they materialise some form of visible indicators of success in their quest. This book hopes to show that the wonderful story of greatness begins way before. The story begins with the arrival of intellectual consciousness which is when you start to understand, think and feel.So if one is becoming a writer, why should they not go through telling their story of achieving greatness while going through the necessary steps? Why would one ignore the hours working out in preparation for the game and only focus on the number of goals scored? No intellect should think that wise.The initial step in what makes one great is acknowledging that they are.There is a huge difference between acknowledging that you are great and showing off though.These are lessons that one learns only by the type of honest introspection that occurs inside these pages.I have grown myself after having discovered that I have remained great at what I do and have made the attempt of scribbling the difficult steps of the process.This book dwells on these aspects to name but a few:• The urgent need to conform and where it may originate• The expectations that a person seeking pride in them being different faces• The pressures that come from a writer’s immediate surroundings• The urgent need to be true to one’s self (aspirations and abilities)• Things to avoid thinking when noticing inner growth and improvement• What to always open yourself to in order not to stagnate your inner development• Ways to turn what seems like obstacles into pathways for self betterment• An honest account of recognised flaws and fears of failure.So please page on and find out exactly why and how self motivation is built and allowed to grow and not just worn for speeches or tweets and allowed to show.