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About the Girls (Cattle Valley Women, #1 & #2) Jenna Byrnes

About the Girls (Cattle Valley Women, #1 & #2)

Jenna Byrnes

ISBN : 9781907010866
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 About the Book 

Truth or Dare: Naomi Rivers has the book store shes always wanted, but doesnt have one special person to share her life. Everything changes when a sexy blonde author walks into her store.Courtney Cross is on a book signing tour, and decides to vacation in Cattle Valley. The laid back atmosphere provides a calm get-away, and the backdrop for her next novel. The cute red-head at the bookstore doesnt hurt, either.Fools Gold: Adeline Murphy heads to Cattle Valley looking for a fresh start. Shes invested every dime and purchased the local bed and breakfast. With a cranky girlfriend in tow, Addies devastated to discover the inn has been vandalised, no source of income and a mounting stack of bills.Melissa Danes quiet existence is shaken by the arrival of Addie and her surly tagalong, Chloe. Mel discovers Addie has several barriers to cross, including repairing the inn and her damaged self-esteem.