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Syntynyt syylliseksi : natsien lapset kertovat Peter Sichrovsky

Syntynyt syylliseksi : natsien lapset kertovat

Peter Sichrovsky

Published 1990
196 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This was an absolutely amazing and eye-opening book. Basically, the author (a Jew) intereviewed many now-adult children of Nazi parents, or in one case grandparents. Each story is different, each person showing different emotions toward their parents and the events. Most of them were born after the war, and never saw their parents in a military role. I do have to admit that sometimes the author attacked some of his interviewees quite harshly, especially in one phone conversation. Then again, his grandfather was murdered in a concentration camp, so perhaps he is justified in his anger. Although, I think that many peoples grandparents die in an unjust way, and ... I dunno, its a hard subject to discuss.This amazing quote really hit it home for me:Of course I knew that there had been concentration amps and that 6 million Jews had been murdered. Wed been told about it in school. But I had also been told fairy tales in school, stories like Little Red Riding Hood. And we learned about the Crusades, and later, when I was older, about the French Revolution. And still later, about World War II and the gas chambers. But who, for Gods sake, had ever told us that our own parents had been there?That was the main thing - the parents never told their children how they were involved, or that they were involved. Many lied and said theyd just been front line soldiers, that they had nothing to do with the concentration camps. The children found out the hard way - from reading old newspapers, or learning about it from other historians. The parents wouldnt talk about it, even when asked.I highly recommend this book, but apparently it can be difficult to get your hands on it. You should definitely try, though.